Tipton County Foundation Receives Donated Forklifts

The Tipton County Foundation is very grateful for the donated forklifts provided by The Forklift Center. The Tipton County Foundation has a huge warehouse where all the donations come in, get separated, and then dispersed throughout the county. Without the donations from The Forklift Center, the warehouse would have struggled mightily trying to move donations around. The Forklift Center was able to donate two Toyota Forklifts and three Crown forklifts that are perfect for warehouse use.

Having a forklift around a warehouse is hugely beneficial for many reasons. The time that a forklift can save labor is astronomical, as one person can move upwards of eight thousand pounds by himself, instead of using two to three people to move a fraction of that weight. having a forklift during labor work is also very beneficial to the work forces attitude. Not having to deal with extraneous movements helps with energy levels and moral. Now with the new forklifts, Tipton County Foundation will be able to run a lot more efficiently, and help out more people. Also, the volunteers that they rely on will be happier and much more apt to keep volunteering. thank you to The Forklift Center for your donations and your support!